Multi-Sensory Department



Within, Rathore, there are two Multi-Sensory based classrooms in the Primary Department and Secondary Department. These classrooms provide pupils with Complex Learning Difficulties and Profound Multiple Learning Difficulties access to a broad and balanced curriculum which meet their individual needs. The rooms work at a pace that is specific to the pupils and provide them with the opportunities to respond to an array of activities that incorporate all senses.

Pupils in the Multi-Sensory classrooms follow a curriculum that has been developed by CCEA which is based upon thematic units. Within these thematic units there are ample opportunities to provide pupils with access to all areas of the curriculum .The Multi-Sensory classrooms use both Quest and Q Skills to assess pupils and to develop IEP targets.

The Multi-Sensory based classrooms liaise with the Southern Trust Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Therapy whom are based within the school. Due to the complex needs of pupils within our classrooms we also liaise with the Southern Trust Community Children’s Nursing Team.