"Hub 16"

Rathore Transition Department

In Rathore Transition department we pride ourselves in offering all students a ‘bespoke’ curriculum. We look at the needs of every individual and strive to meet those needs. Our Curriculum reflects the changes and transitions our young people begin to experience from 16yrs to 19yrs and beyond. We build our Curriculum around the learning and transition needs of our young people in order to facilitate a smooth transition process that not only provides the necessary skills but ensures the well -being of our pupils.

The main features of our Post 16 programme focus on developing skills within the following areas:

  • Social Skills
  • Preparation for Life & Work
  • Independent Living 
  • Leisure

We offer a wide range of accredited programmes including CCEA Life Skills, OCR Life & Living Skills, Princes Trust. We take part in the following courses; CCEA Occupational Studies, and Food Studies weekly at our local Southern Regional college. This provision provides our pupils with a host of experiences and opportunities to meet and work with students of a similar age and older. Rathore pupils have the opportunity to use the College canteen and common areas, which at times they may find challenging but is equally rewarding and provides a taster for life after Rathore. We also take part in both STEPS Programme which offers an opportunity for enhancing the provision of Personal Development, Sexual Health and Relationships, Social Development and Safety, Building Confidence and Self Esteem.

We run our own café called ‘Social 16’ in our common area ‘Hub 16’. The café is used to develop independent living skills such as the planning and preparation of small snacks and drinks, setting up and clearing tables, serving customers and the completion of a wide range of cleaning tasks.

In promoting healthy lifestyles, pupils in our department complete daily circuit training and weekly walking activities.

A huge part of Rathore Transition Department is our company ‘Hi ho’, established as part of Young Enterprise NI. Together as a team, the company chooses, designs, makes, markets and sells products to our customers. We attend trade fairs throughout the year and always strive to represent the school in a positive and proactive way.

Within the Department , all three classes collaborate to complete a wide range of leisure activities. Pupils have opportunities to engage in sensory, musical and art tasks throughout the week these include Makaton Choir, sensory circuit and Attention Autism .

Pupils complete both internal and external work placements. Pupils complete chores throughout the school which are structured and organised in a way that encourage independence and some have opportunity to develop skills within work places within the local community. Our pupils are pleased to be awarded responsibility and are encouraged to develop their social and practical skills in meaningful and purposeful ways.

Pupils within Rathore Transition Department are key members of the school community. They are offered a wide range of experiences both within and outside the school environment. The department staff are a fantastic team who work effectively to prepare our pupils for adult life. We strive to create an environment in which our post 16 pupils learn the skills they require when they leave school, each at their own level of ability and that they will thoroughly enjoy their three year experience within this department.